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Well I am a month into this little phone thing and I am loving it!  I'm not really sure if anyone reads this ... but I thought I would answer a question I get a lot here ... several guys have asked me about the first time my hubby and I had sex! Apparently I don't come off as the dinner and a movie type.  

Well I knew that hubby was something spexial and I wanted to have Megan on his mind all the time -- so I teased him ... I teased him a lot. There is no doubt in my mind that most of our dates ended in him going home and stroking off ... It was a while before I went all the way. 

So when we did finally go "all the way" I knew he was going to remember it. Of course it also involved a little sangria, a wet t-shirt,  a bar booth  and a few of his friends gawking... When we done he quickly went to his place for a marathon session ...  

I definitely know how to get a man's attention when I put my mind to it! 

Do you think I could keep yours?

Somebunny likes Easter

It's always nice to be remembered for the holiday ... my hubby is away, but he always finds a way to make it special ... he sent me an Easter basket ... but there weren't any eggs!  I got a new pretty pink vibrator with an attachment to hit my "special place" ... new sexy panties, and a big chocolate cock... mmm 

Now if only someone could play with me and my new toys! 


Well, I guess I should introduce myself -- I'm MEG! Actually, my real name is Megan - but only my Mom calls me that, and only when she's mad! 

I was a Hooter's girl till  I was swept off my feet by Mr Right -- what can I say, I'm a sucker for a pro athlete ... but I never thought that being a wife could be so lonely! He's always gone, and I'm left alone ... and what is a horney girl like me to do? I mean a dildo only gives you so much satisfaction till you are wanting  something more.   When my hubby met me he knew that I was a very free spirit  especially when it came to experiencing the pleasure my body could bring to me, and other people ... so he has undserstands I need a  few creative outlets ... the phone,  a diary, and occasional "play dates".  

Maybe you could keep me company? 




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